These are standard 88 note piano roll transcriptions to which the lyrics
have been added, so that, using modern Karaoke software, we can have fun singing
along in the traditional way with some favourite oldies

Anthony Robinson has persued a different aspect.  One of the most interesting features of piano rolls is that they are digital entities since the perforations can only appear in a finite number of fixed positions.  Because of this it becomes possible to write software which removes the small errors caused by paper distortions etc. and regenerate a perfect digital image of the original master roll.  Anthony has processed several rolls to this standard and has also written an excellent computer emulation of the Ampico expression mechanism.  The results are as good as we are ever likely to hear.

Richard Stibbons
Karaoke Files

MIDI Files

My original prototype scanner used for converting piano rolls to computer data
Disklavier grand piano
Karaoke Files of Old Songs