Richard Stibbons
Roman mosaics circa 100 AD     North Africa
Chopin's piano and holiday home. 

Valdemosa, Majorca.
The Allhambra near Granada, Spain.
Heil Caesar !
A few images from modern day Bulgaria
Varna cathedral
Bourgas Unversity
Still plenty of 'Trabbies' about
Spinning lady in Zheravna
Local administrator enjoying the good life away from home, usually too drunk to stay on his camel.
WW2 U-Boat 995 preserved on a beach near Laboe, North Germany.
Russian sub currently in dry dock in Hamburg. (Don't ask me how it got there !)
WW 2 German  "Naval Direction & Range Finding Tower"  Guernsey
The Berlin Wall coming down 1990

In the Tatra mountains in, what was then, Czechoslovakia.
Fort Jalali, Muscat, Oman.
This chap rowed me around all day in return for a bottle of Scotch !
Vehicle ferry from Braila to Macin
The Danube Delta, Romania.
Inside the head of the Statue of Liberty, New York.
Mystery picture